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Did you start a business to make more money for your family, have more leisure time and retire early, but find yourself working harder than ever before? Are you struggling to make a profit? Now you can take control of your business and achieve the profitability you deserve. Profit is An Attitude: The Strategies You Need to Optimize Profits, written by international business consultant Ron Collier, PhD, is the roadmap to turning your business into a profit-making machine, while saving you time and money throughout the journey. With its no-frills approach, Profit is An Attitude: The Strategies You Need to Optimize Profits will teach you how to: Operate as a business owner; you’ll be able to take off the technician, manager and entrepreneur hats and focus on the one that fits best Develop and implement the pricing strategies that will bring you the most profit Control overhead and lower costs of goods sold to increase profitability Calculate realistic sales goals based on working capital and breakeven Encourage and reward employee success with performance-based compensation plans Embrace a “Customers for Life” mentality to attract, maintain and retain your customers Tap into your company’s most valuable data: the balance sheet and profit & loss statement Drive your company’s success with budgets and cash flow statements Monitor important financial metrics using a simple, automatic tool that tracks the success of your business compared to your industry You started your business for the financial success, security and freedom it would give you. As the boss, you make the decisions that determine whether you’ll succeed or fail. In this book, Ron Collier, PhD, gives you the keys to achieve success. Follow his instruction to achieve the profitability you deserve!

Profit is An Attitude--Signed Hardback

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