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The articles represented on this site were written by Ron Collier, PhD, President of the Collier Consulting Group. These articles reflect successful business practices used by contractors all over North America and were originally published in AC Today, The News, and Contracting Business. For more information about any of the articles, please email the Collier Consulting Group at

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Consistency Sells

When we visit companies around North America, we find great systems and great people. But not only do the profitable companies have these two great assets, they have consistency of these assets. So, consistency sells . . . pdf

Fix the Customer, Not the Equipment

The average service call costs consumers about $175, give or take. But the average consumer will spend about $32,000 on HVAC equipment and related products over their lifetime. Do you as a dealer want $175 or $32,000 . . . pdf

Making Financing Work for You

Financing is the art of deferring payment so one can assume goods now and pay for them with future earnings. As contractors we are familiar with financing because we have credit cards and probably most of us have bought a house. Over 85% of the population today wants and needs credit. pdf

Service Agreements Are Essential

In any residential or light commercial business, the road to increased sales with customers starts with a well defined service agreement program. Service agreements give you the oppotunity to visit a customer's location at least twice per year, to offer your insights on comfort . . . pdf

Working Capital Management

Many of you have heard of the term "working capital", but really do not know its real meaning and how it affects your business. If you have a balance sheet handy, it is easy to calculate Working Capital. pdf