Collier Consulting Group

Providing Contractors with Business Management Consulting, Resources and Software


Consulting services include:
  • Business Valuations
  • Elite Coaching Services
  • Business Performance Evaluation
  • Profit Analysis
  • Motivational and Keynote Speaking
  • On-Site Training
  • Flat Rate Training

Business Valuations

If you are considering selling your business, you'll need to know its fair market value. Whether you are selling to a family member, business associate or other buyer, you need to know how best to structure the sale. Our team of experts will review your financial documents, visit your location, determine value, then help you develop a plan for a smooth transition. Call us today!
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Elite Coaching Services

The Collier Consulting Group wants to provide HVAC leaders a method to capture a sense of control that often is obscured by day to day crises. Our coaches provide telephone support on all subjects related to running an HVAC business by sharing industry insights into common problems and helping you develop positive solutions to internal problems. Don't be bothered with tough decision making, let a "coach" guide you weekly to profitability in your business and peace of mind in your life. $395 per month includes two hours telephone, fax and research support. Call 1-512-858-1670 for your tailor made plan.

Business Performance Evaluation

The Business Performance Evaluation is a one to three day  on-site visit to evaluate the "health" of an HVAC company. One or more of our professional consultants will spend one to three days looking at every aspect of your business. We'll evaluate office procedures, field procedures, company policies, management decisions, financial and tax documents, marketing tactics, selling strategies and personnel. Then, we'll put you on the healthy road to recovery with a written prescription for improving sales, performance, and profits. We'll show you what to do to make money without working long hours. We'll have the business working for you instead of you working for the business. To schedule this evaluation, call 1-512-858-1670.

Profit Analysis

Ask yourself this question: If I made so much money, where is it? Many accountants say to owe a lot of money on profit you have never seen. They produce profit/loss and balance sheets but many do not discuss what the financial statements really say about your company. Let us be your financial guide. Send us your financial documents with $295 and we will tell you all about your documents, what each line reflects, compare them to other contracting companies, and give you directions for improvement. Call 512-858-1670 to schedule an appointment.

Motivational and Keynote Speaking

Need that great speaker at your next distributor or dealer meeting? We do keynote addresses, breakouts and motivational speeches all over North America. A list of some of our engagements are listed by clicking here. Call us to see if we are available for your next meeting, 512-858-5310.

On-Site Training

Have you ever had a vision but were unable to move that vision through your organization? Proper education and training can move those visions from thoughts to reality. We can train all of your staff on the business side of contracting. We custom tailor our programs to the needs of office personnel, management and field personnel covering such topics as the perfect service call, leadership, customer care, service agreements, financial management, marketing and pricing. Call us today at 512-858-1670 to discuss your needs.

Flat Rate Training

Whether you are just starting your flat rate program for residential or light commercial customers or need some assistance in re-fining your program, our implementation team can help. Since 1991 we have assisted hundreds of contractors with creating their flat rate books, training office and field personnel, importing and exporting data, improving sales goals, and refining your book to sell service agreements. Call us today at 512-858-1670 to see if we can assist you with some on-site training.
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