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Monthly Business Analysis---Automatic!

Our new program for this site is eFO which stands for Electronic Financial Officer. eFO uses your QB data from your accounting to give us the information we need to analyze your business, tell you the problem areas and offer solutions to turn things around. We gather information automatically monthly and prepare a monthly written report for your management team. Month after month you can see with our metrics if you are getting closer to the top 10% of businesses in your industry or falling behind. You can even contact me at to go over the report for you.

Do not delay as the first report on your business is FREE! If you continue to want the analyses, the reporting is only $49 per month. Get your report today by clicking on one of the following links:

eFO Collier Product Group Manual Entry

eFO Collier Product Group (QuickBooks Desktop)

eFO Collier Product Group (QuickBooks Online)

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